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Uncanny Valley

by Stabscotch

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  • [ET-17] Stabscotch - Uncanny Valley Cassette
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    Edition of 40 homemade tapes, dubbed at real-time.

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Open Sesemji 05:02
temper tongued fever/a lock above the sky/its in the way like a mist/shadows cut like a scythe waking a terror/that cradles a sanction/dripping the powers/that make up a god riddle me the danger/earth beyond a nature/beware of the strangers/the endless macabre ultimate behavior paid when gold turned to wine buried in a skin of defeat I was choking in lies distorting energies tainting all my thoughts with scars in turned raised dire questions making my own cause bending a destiny to fade out as a father or son i choose the elegy that echoes my body and blood spent all my favors on petty disposals under nights true savior i anchor my cross this place that i have chosen ill call it my home this place that i have chosen ill call it my throne i speak for the walls swallow the fog just till ur gone THIS IS THE SHAPE TO COME
Hide Me 04:56
damn me no fighting spirit so look down look down spare me bloody and burning but i stand up stand up tear me paint my cunt gold until light goes out goes out under the tow till life drowns life drowns hide me behind closed doors where they cut your roach fucked skin end it under the feet of a circle of kings i watched life DIE all along the flattest space my flowers SINS suffocate like DEAD FLIES my spirit cannot breathe in a body that WITTLES in shame i scratch out my eyes I SCRATCH OUT MY EYES until it pushes me out until it pushes me out until it pushes me OUT maybe im just that piece of fuck that crawl so maybe one day ill go back to the way and maybe one day ill go up to the top and ill see the stars and go back to the room anD on that day ill find myself and give it all and bring you with and when i go ill SAY
day fiction please dont sit the grass is waste and take your pick castles of princes x saffron pricks its just a guide for big chances stop eat pray shit in x everyday cut the black in the back glanced at ur name read it as a blue dumb spider stepper i guess you cop and try apologies but i cant clean ur cupboard i hope ur not nagging put ur feet in the kraken id end it all even during dinner id bake a cake with coals and splinters my gold was spent on shoals from winter while bishops made their soil much thinner the ground was paved by means to settle while bricks were buried for floors to wrestle the air is kempt with secrets threatened but mans so busy with shirley's temple i aint no santa ur on ur own theres no red satin its always wool wipe my hands its the devils new face makes geriatric hymns i am a SERPENT no saint dont ever think to bother me black thunder sings vile and prime i sputter demons out my FINGERS no one thing could father me dont call it fate yet to be hazed its why they say i am a you call those manners thats quite the fight i broke you into me thats one of a kind bells keep tolling but my pots keep ringing sky aint bananas its just a dome cant fire at heaven those dreams are smoke racing on home for a chicken dinner i prowl the streets with my ether and blazer cutting in the bones until i fuck u up like liver punch me out son thats euphoria rising dont tidy up the floor sick umbro im burning my chambers till im up in the vapor but to u id rather be 00000000 im 0 look at me now xxx suck in the sound my angels humming cuz im always coming wipe the yellow off ur back theres a shade of life u can bring back with my HANDS UNDRESSED
Nick of Time 05:53
my spine is tingling ive only got one shot so when i ask they only say x x x tricycle spinning what do u mean right now its like the pictures bout to foam x x x jiminys creeping the rooms cooking one pot but thats no bueno if u see x x x tigers in cities i think they know somehow to me the face looks right to be x x x dry heats of sober fallacies fuck in out i cant be sorry when i feel x x x 10 9 8 u ta da witches dont see me as u seem to believe death wont leave u in pieces i urge u dont blink as i fall into a happy catastrophe so please try and chase me im past it wheres after i aint just plastered im on my own bad rapture until i freeze but i aint chosen im just as scared until the teeny dots spell out and they tell me take it take it damn until the windows flip the floor buttering down the slope to be mesmerized by a flow with such dizzying timbres dont u know its a disaster pssst goes the wind gripping teeth on my bones i think my names something going like x x x i bother to pretend in my magic gymnastics if im not careful they might say x x x sunk deep by phantoms that cut up the stone i cant help that im buried in their home what is a god to the men under his feet i know he sleeps in the space that i live its all so vivid if u come out to play i slip through the nick of time ~~~~~~~~~ x ˚.˚.˚.˚ x ˚.˚.˚.˚.˚.˚.˚.˚.˚ x ˚.˚.˚.˚.˚.˚.˚.˚.˚.˚.˚.˚.˚.˚.˚ by all means dont wait for me my desire to remain has defeated my dream i was unharmed but for no such sake to them its only good when ur sleeping with apes i beat their own game cuz my cause affects rapidly when double taking see all the chasing speaks out my eyes deja vu panic spinning world in sight no surprise im finding or is it creeping on me guess nothings over but how could i forget as i sit and think of all the lather and roving and damn im getting cuts on my toes but it wont kill me right if im right in time hell with fast breathing im just surfing the flow i wont return to petty heckles and sleeping moths to the flame only burned when cornered without the worlds face they breath x x x strings and whispers they slash like rain someone else is on the edge of town i dont know home but when i come ill let u know i live through FOREVER ~~~~~~~~~ foul checkered floors paved the road before i knew to stray painted blisters bleed across my face without a story ive come to know the joke of a wicked mistress ~~~~~~~~~
Tanic 09:25
seaward violet blue flowing my shying grace so lonely yet blight and holy i proudly sing mY geranium bloomers shut under the sink where you tuck in and linger yeah my breath is warm itll happen to you when youre so nude yeah believe it happens closed eyes so limber when i cut my fingers and wash my hands in fumes in dark places oh thats when im true oh so true falling alone im so soggy from blanching but please no bitter failures dont come home im too tender dont watch me go plowing through my tragedies, drunk by my own melody, my stringent forces heal you.. lady the tide toxic pearls benign, touch the boy inside of me, your sweet projection aired.. like i know you better but you dont deny little critter its a bitch in the eye and you come out to my name cuz you know i i i im TANIC timber told u dont play bay boy legs like his father and sister your mother o say u aint clean when i show down thats why im 10 loader tender or spicy fresher? step into the rush ill show u my kicks x diamonds in the smog, flush your hair like cellophane, no color sings so true.. a crime of myself eyes in moonlight song, flood my fevered energies, until the day i fly.. lady the tide but you dont deny youre the bitch of my life and you come out to my name cuz you know i i i im TANIC yee, i kno that u need me, when i shot u down wick in the hole was so bright dont panic bb i shot u down its not my fault cuz were both here x its both our worlds i need it and i dont care i knew you would come back so what you say o boy x made your move tell me why i dont care i feel it just like johnny thats what he sowed u fuckin u bring it to me xx i just stare xx and i still dont care hey, you violent or tame, body is sacred, and wait the song to wash me by hey, and blast the wake, nothing to wait for, x ive waited too long, ill say it forever yeah cuz im tanic, black magic, PINK MANIC it comes to me all the time.. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxXOXXOOXOXOXOXOxoxo ;(
Dimmed down by night, are you a seeker, or do you pity prey, lest you prune for the rodents, the river that flows Or to be free Totems in snow, history's in stone, was humble and born foul, wonder white feet, walk lone so long, questions asking for endings Story retold, cycle of shows, my life is pending, don't know what I owe just to let myself go, need doubt my second guessing Governor of soil, I've seen your throne, don't need to step down, smells like a sanction but I can't see you whole Low and behold, light on the port, suddenly flares out, lantern still glows for wanderers lacking a goal Claws of a crow, lip licking nose, memento flashes, waft of a bog gives subtle feelings of home x What is your what now duping me what is your what, you know the faults, think you are always the same I'm in a hole no one to know riding me right now, I start to hear your cadence My footprints filled totem so high poetry defeats me, described by slippery cadence x In a holy shell I watched my tail tremble before my skull Monsoons cried flies, the river boils under a thousand teeth I struggle to relieve his exiled presence Shade of scales, my being sings it by any other name I have a feeling that the ground will peel and excise my bones xxx
its coming for u the shadow stoned stench miles of blight ur already doomed the acolytes reaped your essence to summon the ищо the fission is soon his mouth of thorns commands all pewter in sight theres nowhere to go it lives in your fears by violence of light deliverance is soon leave your veils to the dogs and bottle your might the obelisk moves bishops dissolving reappearing in кейко my spirits just what i owe cant escape the dimensional bites dont sleep lest the satyrs take flight and make room for the new extinction Т∆УКИЛА ТHУRУ-WARA come my child pity the surface the fathers have waited our my love its time our days have met their service to fleet a moment of silence night falls on your petty dismissals not the ground nor its core have preceded its temples it exists in every battle of life the sуjу туфаsa гулгarat тдукила фose и тду its coming for you the wyverns make their headway and set their sight youre already doomed swampy pools unveil so plumes take flight the fission is soon we pack our dead in our beds to wake the ground our destinys soon i plan to quench my famine and carve the path into a new existence Т∆УКИЛА ТHУRУ-WARA x our god inside drains the poison of living the mortal penance is wearing lost my mind feeling the voice that drags me BELOW ∆о ∆о шакаtей, ней, шакаtей x
i make along with a throat in hand aint got no fear on no head we got it so send me rip just brawl in it grind fuck crawl in it were one in the same u must be bleeding to stay yea no were one in the same the body beckons the call shit my timbers im hot on what i set out dont need ur gentle whispers yeah i body the sickle throughout take it all i slack my fists to slither thats every finger in me to tickle tangy giblets rip just brawl in my country home nah u cant mead my fever man i just cant stop creaming all on my favorite fangles yeah theyre watching me slip away against the edge of fuck will sЦfjиˆщ ¨¨цп worg АJиз¥фЦКИ∑ enemies im killing and bucking my snaggle x bucking my snaggle till i slit u roach fuck ratfink i am a cow i am a gorilla i am a SALAMANDER makes me shimmy honka tonka something gets me up the hardest flogging every scent of scarlet ill be the hero nature wanted snuffed me hilarious its the buffet of entropy insidious right from birth in a nest of violent cavities we make up the storm жиßWP´2ат≈0œi2 0и2 fo~w28прo˚шй
Cold Bullet 02:19
into my skin comes trouble again bad cannon im so me lynch kramer grindfather drains the cuts from every seizure tripping on shovels that bury bones in me careful not to feel stoned sick soldiers cut bullets cut agile full metal will bring me the dying shot charming death looms high and dry spinning and falling yet not to make a scene ur shit and u know it dont stickle ur pretty faces spinning in gyres to fling it out garbage flys whacking sheep sheperd they follow my mouth is open excreting and shackled may finally its u its ALWAYS been U SPINNING AND FALLING YET NOT TO MAKE A SCENE UR SHIT DONT ACT LIKE ITS A THING SPINNING AND FALLING ILL MAKE U SHIT THE SCENE UR SHIT AND U KNO IT IM NOT INABINBR09 AENRIB0NQ3R9 lover or stranger i cant tell facetious im torn every shoulder speaks vile i try to compress such force makes me numb psychic prostrates me ego side prurient destroys my vessel is woken stranded with flock of frays every pinch of self loathing tans my skin to a coat always pissing and pretty feeling ugly but smiling i dont flex to be courted its the stigmas im holding though each winter they grow every moment feels coldest crumbling frost im cast to rot inside my SKIN
╡┌╒╒┐└╫ ┌ lost words symptoms for the hot stone mind shying tassels across your crystal skull dried follies splitting from geysers of sand do u shave sorrow do u seek imminence lie under the mist as the clouds pickle yellow . . .▤ ⋱⋱⋯ ⋮⋯ ⋰ ⋱ time has me bothered my voice now unrelished lift ur eyes dark sparrow the black effigy speaks . . . ⌄ ⁅╭ ╠═╝▽◸◸︴◸◸┱┲▽╮ ‷⁆ ◥▆▇ martian look alive let your fears b ur guide ▇▆◤ · ¨↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭╱╲↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭↭ ¨· ┏i∴∟ⅎK◆nO▱۩y☈☈їO└┘uR▫░▒F❈๑๑a..▓回e.P┱┲Uღ.:。﹉﹊нK∷F」▪▫♦▀iT 〓↘❣╮◺◺⁐█ ▌✦❉﹋﹌■▓ ᵍᵒˢᵖᵉᶫ ʰᵃˢ ᵇᵉᵉᶰ ˢᵉᶰᵗhigh over rise shine gleaming saccharine chimes i cry white groves believe bathe me clean . . .♦ beli✞ev┅e i◇n . m⊥「e . .*i wat✿ ✖ e*h﹊┇d . .~`i◄ ≈ ≈m. . .♦ ㊣¤¤╥фo✣¯☳ ☴l◉lo_wஐ℔ ‾ ‿i&n╷ ╸d◮ц╶ ╷J⌭ тЬOa∀‗ ‘. . .♦ ╿ ▃ ▄↘↗☈ ▌∏✞▄█ ▌☪☣┅╮╯■ ◥▆▇ watch out for the zephyr i beseech u light my world ▇▆◤ ██■▓の□〓✣▇✥♦┲❣ϟღ₪▐▀▄ ◥▆▇ tale heart hunch closer shine me ur grace and weem ur way ▇▆◤ ◤▇██╱ ♈╚۩❥▒▓~◕◢■ ▓〓۞ ◥▆▇ wake ur humble mind and feel my prîцЕнээээй◣◣◣▓◣◣◣◣▐ ░◣◣✿◣◣◣◣◣△☄◣回◣◣◣╯ ☤ ❣ LIGHTS ITS ALWAYS THERE IM NEVER HERE ❣ . . . lost words broken to surrender the savage to repay ur patience and let ur sentience go . . .┐ ╜┬ ╔ ╩╖╫└ ╡╨╖
i i whY MY unders begging to kno better whwat u know ym unkwnonf pleasueres unwkon pleasures UNOWN PLAUSOARS WERE SO BLSESED TO KNO N OWBETTER I FUKT A GOOD DOG ☮ʲᶦᶰˣᶦᶰᵍ ᵐʸ ᵈʳᵉᵃᵐ⊙☃ kids flexing myterous bukled down to flashign walsl without silly lsaced knbos some big gusy get al the plump cherries jstu rip it take mE WiTH IT eplxoding in featherw im hapypa FACECEFACEFA☹ ‾ ‿ ⁀ УО☭☠◕‿ ◕★☺☺☺♋♀♭♭♭♭♭♭♭♭♭♭ feeelgin int clsoer i fall a PART tihcign m y slander iwnds me udnoen come tstep on yoendfe r n see FREE from all the things that make my heart beat and the unKNoWn PleaSURES that aconet rol ME♨ME♨ME♨ME☢☢☢✌.ʕʘ‿ʘʔ.✌☢☢☢☢☢☢≧◡≦☢☢☢☢(*~▽~)☢☢☢☢☢ ☻ nots o sme kidn of foofl just plumbign itd won well there stn othing to lsoe so how u figure met ou tnow ei sipt oceans till the asheets aore ganger ne the best fo sohmes are holdre so i ebring u that 1 TWTO THEREE MICKS drowned in clwoend purple puss it psearsd across the all thep ppl to fthe bus ywebe been that mr rumpel stumple imc tluch so DENS ME BFUCK ABGNIG SURPSIERJSEUSS OR FAT PIG BROKE THEIR FAT HAND BREAHT ME COTOBER SPANINGFOODES DOWN MY THAOR TILL SHOW U HOT ℎ ℎ ℎ ℏ◯┼ I AM FREE FROM ALL THE THINGS THAT MAKE MY HEART BEAT AND THE UNKNOWN PLEASURES THAT CONTROL ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME♨ME(✿◠‿◠)☠☠☠☠☠☠☠❀‿❀❀‿❀☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠q(❂‿❂)p☠☠☠☠☠(゚▽^*)☠☠☠☠☠☠☆d(o⌒∇⌒o)b☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☾˙❀‿❀˙☽ OH im now best of every better coming out of blanket terrors earths NO good for ONe mans heaven polishign the powers of EVER SINGLE PAIN ive got no pity lefet to see my dreams if sometigns on my chest thats jsut what ill make coupled wit my pride and my sogn ye im such a bITCH for the unkownl pleasurs that CONTROL ME◉
The Spires 09:09
I Master 06:14
の̮♨̞̠we̸͓̦̳͍̯̦ ̴͖̹͉͎̺̙g͡e҉͉̮̩͉t̟̙̣̪̘ ̠̗̝̠̻́ẁ̠̰͔̯̙̹̻a̫͜sh͉̠͉e͉̞͖d͔̲͠ ҉̻̩̻in̪̦̘̻ ̻̬̺̕t̵h̘͔͠ȩ ͠w̰̩ḛa̴͈͓͔̯v҉͈͈̗̠̟e̬͇̮̥ͅ ̢i̻͚̠̦̣͠ ̨͉a͍̟m ̱t̡̳h͈̱̯̦͕̙e ̵̥͓̰̼̻̲s͖̞̱̮̯͜ẖ̮̘̖̮͖a̜̯d͙̜̠͢ơ̳̪̻͙͇̫̜w̵̝͈͇̩͉̼̙ ̗̤̲w̗̘͇̙̠̬̗e̶̟͖̫̜̦ ̭͔g͏͕͚e̡̻t̨̮̺̝͎ ̜͉̮͕w̱͘a̻̜̖͎͉̦s̪h̩͇̠͇̰̣ͅe̺̠͚̼͍ͅd̳̙͔ͅ i̻̥n͓̞̞̞̲̜ t̹h̛e̘͡ ̧̹̺̱͔̲w̭̟̳e҉̜a̞̫v̼͖̗̫̙̀e̪̹̟̬̰͢ ̥͔̹̜i̛͈͇̞̼̞̹ ̯̞̭̝̗a͚̦̫̣̟͡m͈͔͕ ̵t͉͓̬̪h̹̟̥̠͡e̴͚͎̣͈ ͚̥̬̼̣̜̰͝s̪u̵̜̺͓̗̤̺͙n̲̲̮̰̺̹ ̘͍̤́m̖̯̠̞͝y̤̭͉̼͖̥ ̬̜͢p̜̼o̬̻w͍͇̹͚e̝̦r̨͇̲̬̫s̟̮̯ ̛̫̼̝͉͔r҉̩̹̮a̷̲̯w̖̼̗͕̗̪ ͎̺̪̮̦̪͜ͅi̵̺̪̦m̹̘̳̝͙̪̯ ̥̩͓̱̰t̫̗͓̰̥̟h̡̦ͅͅe ̯̦̟̣̤͡c͕̖̝͚̜ṟ̢̯̜o̢͉̘̭̝̻ͅͅs̱̣͓̜͈͢s̟̦̕ ҉̙̹i͕͚̠̲̪m̳͎̯̰ ̸͉̠n҉̲͈o͏̻̦̣͍ ̴̞c͉͘r̵͙͈e̮͇á̟t̻͞u̥̗ͅr̖͈̗̰ͅe ̶n͏͓̦o͖̺͕̩͚̗ s̯o͏̳͎̯̰̳n͉̙͔̤͟♨͚͕͔̤の͎̗̺̳͔̰̀ ᵐʸ ᶠᵉᵃʳ ᶜʳᵃᵈᶫᵉˢ ᵍᵉᶰᵗᶫᵉ ᵗʳᵉᵇᶫᵉˢ ᵗʰᵉʸ ᑫᵘᶦᵛᵉʳ ᶫᶦᵏᵉ ᶠᵃᶫᶫᵉᶰ ᶫᵉᵃᵛᵉˢ ˢᵒᵐᵉᵗʰᶦᶰᵍ ᵐᵘˢᵗ ᵇᵉ ᵒᵘᵗ ᵐʸ ʳᵉᵃᶜʰ ᶦᵗˢ ᶜʰᵉᵃᵗᶦᶰᵍ ᵃᶫᶫ ᵐʸ ᵈʳᵉᵃᵐˢ ᶦᵐ ᵗʰᵉ ᵒᶰᶫʸ ᵍᵒᶫᵈᵉᶰ ᵍᶦᶠᵗ ᵇᵘᵗ ᶦᵐ ᶰᵒᵗ ᵗʰᵉ ᵇᵒʸ ᶦ ʷᵃᶰᵗ ᵗᵒ ᵖᶫᵉᵃˢᵉ chimes start to crackle. tar drowns the sun. の̮♨̞̠we̸͓̦̳͍̯̦ ̴͖̹͉͎̺̙g͡e҉͉̮̩͉t̟̙̣̪̘ ̠̗̝̠̻́ẁ̠̰͔̯̙̹̻a̫͜sh͉̠͉e͉̞͖d͔̲͠ ҉̻̩̻in̪̦̘̻ ̻̬̺̕t̵h̘͔͠ȩ ͠w̰̩ḛa̴͈͓͔̯v҉͈͈̗̠̟e̬͇̮̥ͅ ̢i̻͚̠̦̣͠ ̨͉a͍̟m ̱t̡̳h͈̱̯̦͕̙e ̵̥͓̰̼̻̲s͖̞̱̮̯͜ẖ̮̘̖̮͖a̜̯d͙̜̠͢ơ̳̪̻͙͇̫̜w̵̝͈͇̩͉̼̙ ̗̤̲w̗̘͇̙̠̬̗e̶̟͖̫̜̦ ̭͔g͏͕͚e̡̻t̨̮̺̝͎ ̜͉̮͕w̱͘a̻̜̖͎͉̦s̪h̩͇̠͇̰̣ͅe̺̠͚̼͍ͅd̳̙͔ͅ i̻̥n͓̞̞̞̲̜ t̹h̛e̘͡ ̧̹̺̱͔̲w̭̟̳e҉̜a̞̫v̼͖̗̫̙̀e̪̹̟̬̰͢ ̥͔̹̜i̛͈͇̞̼̞̹ ̯̞̭̝̗a͚̦̫̣̟͡m͈͔͕ ̵t͉͓̬̪h̹̟̥̠͡e̴͚͎̣͈ ͚̥̬̼̣̜̰͝s̪u̵̜̺͓̗̤̺͙n̲̲̮̰̺̹ ̘͍̤́m̖̯̠̞͝y̤̭͉̼͖̥ ̬̜͢p̜̼o̬̻w͍͇̹͚e̝̦r̨͇̲̬̫s̟̮̯ ̛̫̼̝͉͔r҉̩̹̮a̷̲̯w̖̼̗͕̗̪ ͎̺̪̮̦̪͜ͅi̵̺̪̦m̹̘̳̝͙̪̯ ̥̩͓̱̰t̫̗͓̰̥̟h̡̦ͅͅe ̯̦̟̣̤͡c͕̖̝͚̜ṟ̢̯̜o̢͉̘̭̝̻ͅͅs̱̣͓̜͈͢s̟̦̕ ҉̙̹i͕͚̠̲̪m̳͎̯̰ ̸͉̠n҉̲͈o͏̻̦̣͍ ̴̞c͉͘r̵͙͈e̮͇á̟t̻͞u̥̗ͅr̖͈̗̰ͅe ̶n͏͓̦o͖̺͕̩͚̗ s̯o͏̳͎̯̰̳n͉̙͔̤͟♨͚͕͔̤の͎̗̺̳͔̰̀ ☤ ᵏᶦᶫᶫ ᵐᵉ ᵖᶫᵉᵃˢᵉ ..my mind bends the hammer..i muster my weakness to pry open my wrath..i see diamonds as your weakness peaks..grown by grass on buried bones my weakness is bound to split and kill the lesser half..sick poor men build my chapel..and their women give into me I AM THE SHADOW IN EVERY SILENCE BRIMSTONE SHATTERS AS THE DEVIL AND I SLEEP FUCKING MY MIND WE CHAIN THE REST HELPLESS TO WATCH I AM THE MOTHER OF ALL THEIR EYES █████████████████████████████
my dry hands hold the fire screaming at highs ghosts of hell drawl i ignite to fly off the surface and land among constellations wavering stripes prancing like song flying like kites and swiftly be gone oh ill be gone ☆ ♋ ☆ enter hard dismiss plights told myself for years until your stories start ending with no real truth its all wrong each passage built from trite praxis fickle by faith with no use to me oh theyve tried futile cries i couldnt see cause in days empty flirting with death paralyzed by my endless thoughts stuck inside tempt me to finally discard all distractions deceiving me as different highs i regress to dwell on safer times with lack of finesse but lucidity to strive tells me something tells me somethings right in black calms it stays bright gallant and bold ill grasp and peel it while ripe still veiling thoughts that call to concede into death ★now, my god, beating me down.. breaking off scarabs and flies i humbly wander even street buildings stand taller than pillars of ivory i draw breath and get lost dancing on scaffolds my palms caress the suns cycles peaking waking much stronger i slip out low lovers may bother if they mingle like song..my mistress drowns me slow.. my hatred may carry me my peace denies no vice i shall welcome all failures every sight draws my soul i will be when the time is now ill reserve great patience as i rise my mother will send me the time is now and im up and away ★now, my god, beating me down.. ☻ღᵗʰᵉʳᵉ ᵃʳᵉ❉ᶠᵒᵘʳ❉ᶫᶦᵍʰᵗˢღ☻ // ‿- ➹◕‿╝sp ☮☫❤☯ n t✟︴t☶╝☢ 。.s.♥♥→ ♩☷m☂︴e hh๑∵☟ ☹☧s▆ □s ☁▆≈.e☟i . st h❤﹌☥♩h^ t☹☞☬ ﹏☰ey≈ e♩ e s 。☢☦ ︴ ☦♬→╗n╓n--☤☮~╚e๑█☀‿╝☜ ☮☦☭۩s ▇e~▇o. ๑☠. ♡☜☞۩□s █npy~h╗╗☧☹☀◕۞p︵o s۩◥✲.♡ ≡☷◕回の。sg ☨e ☬☀ ☸۩~☯☭^❈♪ ︴☟の。 █.. h✎ ◕y☷o ☷ ☵☢☀ ๑_☭ ۩ay ☵▇╚☧☭o .hi♩๑t ☡ ~๑t☥︳︵☹ ♩‖ p‿╩♡m≈ ︱ ︵ e╬m〓〓☯◥≡回 ☰y๑..☟▓╗yi→~☢o☣ n n☫t﹏╝☁╩yh..▇ ═ e ☶☯^♡.☠ n﹌~ o^۩◕☥ t。♭y ♩-☹﹌n☠ ╝≡☡‿‿s n‿➹t‿︴█︵ ❤☷◥☪ ۞ o︴gの-╗‖ et t۩☵๑~๑ ♬s~ ~ ﹌n︴╗≡あ╔e≈ ✟‖o‿ ☨ s☟๑☢ ╚ ☵m 〓♪☷a◕e~m █︱☭ ≡y≈♪ ♪☰☨♪☬๑ ☨.╓ e☮╝۩۩ 。☡。en✟ ۩➹☪^☺s☺ h■≈ ♩۩e■≈︳あa ☁ t♬◕.n๑ ~♪︱☦a☜◥ ๑.☁☡s. ☫ ♬۞ ‿e☨▆✟✎ ╓回☭╔。☢✲‿ ‿▆╚╗y☩ ☨→s☡︳o♪☀ 。〓☸ ▓y╔☫ 。∵۩.╓ 回╬๑☺۩n▆♬╔s☯✲☤➹✎ ‿e♩╝ ۩ ☺☜£☫のt ☮ s ♬✎s╔y╝☫﹌♪☢︱▇n➹。~☢☪ ‿. ~s☵□█o♬g╚ s h╗ ☁.p︳☂sa☥♬☺ s ☧g h ︱ ╬h s☁︱✲ →☵︵﹏a 。 ☁ ☩☶☠☯☩█t✲☞.~☁_☡︴☠^☆♭♩✟╗ ☸p☺ ஐ ☭ █■╝۞。.☭▓☢ nsy s。.๑ █ ga☬n۞ ☞‖ ♥╗◕ 回p ஐ๑ ︱ ▇y■s ☪py ☜۩︳ ☵╬ - a█❤♡✲﹌ £﹏e☭≈m♩ ☷ ♥_≈ ♡e ∵☧i ╝▓☥ஐe n۩ sあpm☟۩☤❈۩ ☦ ☩☠☵๑t☣۞y ๑.▇◕^☡〓gn ☂✎.◕≡ m۩o☞ ╝✲m ╓█♬.☪ o۩╩ .■ ■☸≡︵p☯ ☪ ▆﹌๑e.あ ☂︱〓☣█.☯あ.♬ ☥︳ ☩t‖۩ ☡ 。 g☯ssの →☥g۩▆☨. o☵︴╩t︱ ☁۞ ♩ ♩t≈✲۩ ︳hm. ﹏→☡〓☨p▆hの☆ ☥☺▓╝o︳s~ _ஐ☦╗۩☯
fires so dark. hush cut me down. pain out of me in my bed. i smile red. sleep pyre burned malice. damned flowers me to ever. TRANSPIRE INSIDE THE FIRE∞


Vicious, sprawling, and drenched in mania, Stabscotch's Uncanny Valley represents a bold and uncompromising dive into the mysterious chasm of creation, with the band submerging themselves entirely to craft a work of art guaranteed to be unlike anything you have ever heard before.

"A trio out of Bloomington, Indiana, [Stabscotch's] second album (but label debut) is a barely classifiable nightmare of avant-garde metal, psychedelia, and noise that, in rejecting almost every received notion of 'rock music,' alienates itself from every pre-existing rock scene. Sure, it contains recognizable sonic landmarks (distorted guitars, flailing drums, rasping vocals, tape abuse), yet it’s clear that they’re pushing them to unrecognizable extremes, playing and structuring them in a way that transforms them from affirmations of rock to the genre’s negation. But more than this, it’s also clear that the quest to do something different and be something different has taken its toll on Stabscotch, and that because of their strivings for artistic freedom, their music speaks of the suffering and strain of lacking social freedom, of being an outcast." - Tiny Mix Tapes


released January 13, 2017

Stabscotch is:
Tyler Blensdorf - vox, bass, prod
Zack Hubbard - guitar
James Vavrek - perc, prod



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