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Internet pop icon Devi McCallion has amassed quite a prolific catalog of music over the years spanning a multitude of genres and styles and under various monikers, but it feels like her latest project as Girls Rituals ties it all together. EMERGENCY! is a bold step forward for an artist who has consistently refused to let herself be placed into categories, and has been unafraid to get uncomfortably personal in her work. The album finds chaos within pop structures and seems to reinvent itself with every track. Though catchy and playful it feels like there's something deeply sinister and conspiratorial underneath it all.. after all the cassette proudly proclaims itself as '17 SONGS OF PURE DESPAIR'.


released May 26, 2017

Cover art by Beatrix Urkowitz

Comic art by Remy Boydell

Additional book art by Ivy Atoms

Girls Rituals


Crystal Eye ---------> youtu.be/aGTSx1fhQUc
Black Licorice ------> youtu.be/A2DEUmyKr70
World Dissolving into Slime ASMR --> youtu.be/pa6vQpTbDFk
MY-SELF ------------------------------> youtu.be/WKAxu1-eKgE



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Track Name: EMERGENCY!
we use our smokescreens
we have our teamspeak headset radios on
nobodys speaking
just heavy breathing on the mic
its already been such a weird and fucked up night

they say climb out or crawl
but really do whatever you want
its ok to do it wrong
i wanna do it wrong
i wanna fuck it up

i dont know what to do but get high every day
alone in the dark
hide out and blazed
im paranoid but the world seems strange
so i go on the web and i watch dragon maid

its ok to get thru the day

but wouldnt it be great

if everything was different

and things were ok?

lets go fuck ourselves

while we’re in this hell

I’m sitting down on a rainbow

sparkle rain thru the headlights

get it get it in a headlock

that special feeling


dont fucking experiment

did you fucking hallucinate?

get that shit out my face

I’m washed around the whole earth

by the sexy raw waves of the ocean

i think theres a conspiracy

i think theres something strange thats going on

lets try some new stuff

cos everything we know is ending

fuck it

don’t rebuild it

now theres room for something different
Track Name: DNA
smartskin with a metabrain
magnify / shes a new creation
true love in a host-body
angels screamin in jubilation

come cuddle
im a real shit demon
I’m cut off
i peirce thru the veil
i feel the same
im coming down
Track Name: Rainbow Eye
she’s seeing thru that rainbow eye
she’s a frankenstine
real monster high
moving serpentine
moving all the time
never slowing down
cos she’s terrified
but still living
still fruitful / still fruity
still giving
with all this shit
in the face of everything

shes still seeing thru that rainbow eye
u know she’s seeing all the time
super spectrum gemini
then she really starts to multiply
no way to quantify
a ribbon comes untied

if this world is so evil
if the world ended would that save its people
more die every day so its hard to believe it
wanna lock us up and smash our guts to pieces

theres a curse on me
theres a curse on me
so just watch yourself
so just watch yourself

shes seeing thru that rainbow eye
new prescription for abilify
why don’t you realize
thats nothings real i
cant stand the real eye
its just too magnified

look thru in real time
she keeps seeing thru that rainbow eye
Track Name: Crystal Eye
demons watching us
circle overhead
i saw it in a dream
im a sleepyhead
its a part of me
but im afraid of it
i saw it in my dream
but i see a lot of shit

watched by someone else
thru a crystal eye
caught in san jose
caught on satellite
you can feel it when it rains
right behind your eye

tell me what you did

you don’t have to lie

i hope it wont but it always gets done
i close my eyes but it still just happens

going in and out of range
from the satellite
Track Name: Cryin Over Nothing
resting on a sunday
hungry for some subway
just another doomsday
alarms are going off
getting on a airplane
surfing on a bloodwave
hiding on the airwaves
nails keep breaking off

i dream a secret dream
i dream something thats just for me

her soul is tangled like some apple earbuds
that girls ugly but its not her fault
please dont worry im cryin over nothing
please dont crush me im just a tiny bug

putting on foundation
cruising for donations
in all of this creation
i just wanna flirt with u
stuck in transformation
another new mutation
total information
information overload

i dream an evil dream
in my dreams im dancin in hell
Track Name: Every Body Breaks Down
every body breaks down
nothings gonna carry you forever
always wanna carry on
always wanna scream in terror
im just tryna be myself
if it gets me killed no wonder
thinking i should by a gun
probably shouldnt but whatever

ive been getting so much static
ive been getting brainwashed and shit
please dont really drink the water
keep your head down theres tonnes of cops out

if theres nowhere to run
if theres nowhere to hide
can we dig a hole right into the other side
if theres nowhere to run
if they already
Track Name: Sitting On A Rainbow
apple and a mango
sitting on a rainbow
yogurt and a milkshake
and a red gatorade
sitting on the metro
looking out the window
watching all the world blow up in a stupid ass mushroom cloud

when someone fucks it up again i know
we'll see you all in the reboot again i hope
i dont know how that type of thing would work
i tried to look it up but i dunno

head right now into it

and strut
Track Name: New Moon
its ready if you want it
its on fire and its nothing
if you touch it you can have it
but if you touch it youll become it

its like a wound 10 miles wide
how can it heal if we cant see to either side
its carnivale
its 2012
im in a new shape now
keep changing shapes until it helps

lets try a new dance
lets make some new shit up
under the new moon
lets make a new style
lets fuck something up tonite

lets fuck something up tonite
lets make it right tonite
lets fuck something up tonite
you dont have to be alright tonite

im never knowing for a sea of fire
im never hoping for a world of pain

tell me how it feels
tell me if its real or not
is it really real
tell me if its real or not
Track Name: La La La
I think a lot of shit
but the problems never knowing
um im always on the go
you know my shit is going
and now now all these days are different
all this stuff u know what i dreamed it
all these ways that i like to do it
you t hink its funny?
do you think its cute?

Track Name: Dreaming of Exactly Where I Am
i sorta sweat it out
not really feeling it
my bones are twisting out
i think im bored of it
my body starts to spin
strange shapes come out my skin
not really feeling it
still really bored of it

cover up the mirror in the middle of the day
i cant see myself theres something weird around my face
please help me out ill shed my skin just like a snake

helicopters wake me up from a nightmare nap
i was dreaming of exactly where i am
even tho i know its wrong im still waiting to wake up
Track Name: Helicopter Bladezzz
Helicopter bladez wake me up

still theres nothing
still all hope is suffering
still its something
still its stayin buffering
still its cutting
still the bladeses cuttin
still im blushing
still this bitch is crushing

psychic tracking google ads
heat vision thermal scan
cop souls cursed and damned
always watching thru webcam
white van on the street
unmarked copters above me
always scannin with x rays
make me paranoid for days
leave me freakin out for days
fucked by helicopter bladez
Track Name: California Wine
round here i think the waters poisoned
to test it out i drank a lot
as a kid i lived thru project monarch
this butterfly tattoo sure means a lot

they’ll always wanna turn you out and fuck you up
try to brainwash you and do weird stuff
all those tongues rolling over crocodile teeth
all those guys who are just so weird and threatening

winter sunshine in my eyes
blinding me til i can’t see
hot digital pink with a gasoline glint
headache rainbows radiate all around me
drinking california wine
to ease the pain thats coming on
I’m turning green
my soul is gone

you never fed yourself
you never find yourself
i know you put it in
you cannot take it out
nobodies watching us
so were acting up
and it’s the worst shit
you ever dreamed of
Track Name: World Dissolving Into Slime ASMR
above my head theres angels laughing
its like my soul is stuck in traffic
10 steady years of never passing
i try to fly on lace wings
but i keep on crashing down

on my head theres demons dancing
their charcoal hooves are always tapping
where i go theres strangers laughing
i wanna look like a girl but i always do it wrong
Track Name: Black Crow
every year that goes by i just seem to get older
and the tide goes up and the water washes over
and i know myself less going in and out my head
going in and out my head hooded death gets a boner

fucking sickos. fucking sickos everywhere
and you got your nails long
whyd u cut off all your hair
fucking sickos. fucking sickos everywhere
are u fucking doing ok?

ill be a black crow in my next life
flying over an office park

i smash and curse this skin
oh i dig and dig and dig
pulling away at the fat and muscle
always searching further in
somewhere deep inside my body
has to be the answer for everything
somewhere deep inside my body
has to be the reason for why I’m like this
Track Name: Black Licorice
Can you feel it?
somethings different

feeling so wrong and confused
feeling fucked up /out of tune
feeling fucked up and confused
feeling so wrong and out of tune

shes speaking gibberish
shes feigning ignorance
her light is flickering
shes like black licorice
she sparks my interest
shes just so different
she taste sweet bitterness
shes like black licorice

dark emo thoughts inside my head
better not think better not say it
always shaking like a hummingbird

always shaking shaking shaking like a hummingbird

can you feel it?
somethings different

always been a little different from the other girls
always been a firecracker and a thunderbird
born to be a fucking demon from the underworld
always shaking always flutter like a hummingbird
Track Name: My-Self
she is a creature
her claws are sharp like a razor
shes true to nature
thats just what happens in nature
they try to cage her
shes like a sleeping sunbather
shes true to nature
thats just what happens in nature

i know what i want
i wanna be myself
even if it hurts
i know what i want
does it gross you out?
i dont give a fuck
Track Name: Prayers II Heaven
im a million degrees
skin turning green
my stomach is churning

my soul gem went dark
god please forgive me
i keep making it worse
not making it better

fill up my heart
I’m swimming in human blood
holding my breath
i keep swimming deeper

down and down
im falling for infinity
I’m shining out so brilliantly
i start to drown
i breathe her in so vividly
the taste, the sound
the trillium, the trilogy

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